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Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

The two websites below are excellent to ways to find jobs - whether it be full time, part time or casual.

1. Spot Jobs:

This is a fantastic website with lots of jobs for school students and school leavers. They have plenty of full time, part time, casual and holiday jobs.

2. JobActive (by Job Search):

This is a Federal Government's job search website. It has job vacancies across the whole of Australia.

As I become aware of any local job vacancies, I will post them for you below:

Current Job Vacancies:

Please contact the Contact Person listed for each vacancy or see me for further details.

Position: Details: Contact: Closing Date:
Getting a Part-time Job & Work Experience - Students are encouraged to get a part-time job, work experience or volunteer whilst they are at high school. When you are eventually applying for a full-time job, most employers and organisations want to see proof on your resume that you are employable and get a sense of the skills you may have already gained.

How do you find a part-time job?

1- Networking - tell everyone you meet, particilarly family and friends, sports collegues etc, that your looking for a part-time job. Ask them to let you know if they hear of any opportunities and even ask them to recommend you if they hear about a job.

2- Drop off your Resume - ask to speak to the manager. Look tidy, smile, firm handshake and steady eye contact will be required.Sample Resume 1   Sample Resume 2    Sample Resume 3

3 - Apply online - to fast food outlets, supermarket etc. Write the application number on top of a resume and drop it off with the manager at the place you are applying for,  explaining you have applied online. They will appreciate putting a face to the application.

4 - Phone call - may need to followed up with an emailed resume and another phone call.

5 - Email followed up by a Phone Call

6 - Create a Linked-in profile - start connecting to people and organisations, follow twitter feeds etc 

Least effective
- Email without a follow up 
- facebook
- sitting on the couch hoping someone might randomly call you with a job offer...

Some examples of Online Applications





Apprenticeships / School Based Apprenticeships

Register on these websites and they will send you job opportunities when something become available. You will need a resume and a cover letter when you apply.

Apprenticeship Support Networks
Apprenticeship Support Australia, Victorian Chamber    
Apprenticeships Matter                     
MAS National                                         
MEGT (Australia) Ltd